Sunset at Cape Sounion! One of the best in Greece!

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Seeing Attica on the map, we observe that it ends at Cape Sounion! It is a peninsula that rises to 40 meters above the sea and from which the view of the Aegean is amazing. Many people believe that the best sunset of Attica is here in Cape Sounion!

At the top of Cape Sounion, which is the furthest point to Attica to the South, there is the temple of Poseidon, which stands majestic and beautiful and can be seen from the sea. It is not a coincidence that the mariners know this place as Cape-Columns (from the columns that stand out from afar).

The entrance to the archaeological site of the temple of Poseidon, is an opening of the fortification walls , built by Athenians during the Peloponnesian War (412 BC). The temple was built in 444-440 BC in place of another temple, which was destroyed 40 years ago by the Persians.

It should be noted that at a distance of 500 meters from the temple of Poseidon, the temple of Athena was located which was smaller.

It is worth it to get there and admire not only the temple, but also the view of the ocean which is amazing. If you can get there by noon-afternoon before the sunset, to admire the famous sunset of Cape Sounion, which as mentioned above is one of the best in Greece.

Just before entering the archaeological site there is a café-restaurant where you can site and eat or drink a coffee, enjoying both the view of the temple on your right and the view of the sea right in front of you.

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